I want to buy a bike .. but

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...all bikes here look gay (imho)
hero Honda = gay
Karizma = gay
the bajaj scooters = gay
Enfield bike = gay
gay gay gay!!!
i am here in India for almost 4 years now but i have NEVER seen a nice bike.. all are cruisers and are not really my kind of taste..
Back home in holland i have a Gilera Runner scooter,but i didnt bring it with me, i thought it was too dangerous to drive on it here but, after 3.5 years here i kinda got adapted to the indian insane traffic situation....
, yet i have never nowere seen it here or something similar 🙁

Why cant i buy a Kawasaki Ninja, or one of his brothers? or even just a model just like it?

I need to import it which means: paying alot of customs

🙁 why is there no dealer here in Bangalore that sells such a nice bikes?

i know that these racingbikes dont fit well on indian roads... but still.. I WANT!

roflmao.. :blink: you ride that scooter and call an enfield GAY thats the gayest thing i've ever seen.. lolz..gosh..anyways stop ranting.. if you want a sports bike you'll just have to import it or if you want a cruiser than get the YAMAHA Dragstar.. it'll cost you about 500 grand though
Hey guys......I wanna buy a bike. But the main crappy thing is the milage. i want a bike which can gimme good milage. What bike wud u suggest me???The bikes which is in my mind now are:Bajaj CT 100Hero honda SplendorYamaha LiberoPlease suggest me a good bike. Also it shud fit into my budget 🙁 :wacko:
tvs centra is my suggestion. though i had really suggest to look no further than unicorn. ct100 is too basic. splendor is too expensive for what you get and it no longer is the average king and well stay away from yamaha bikes.
The one problem I have with Indian bikes is - no f**king rear disc brake(RDB.) NONE of the bikes bar BMW and Hyosung have RDB's.
This is why one of the reasons(probably the only reason) why I've never seriously thought about owning a motorcycle in India.

Even in sub-saharan african countries, such bikes are the norm. Can't understand why no domestic manufacturer wants to make one.
Honda's scooters and bikes all over the world are sold with RDB's.
So whenHonda's first bike(forgetting its name) was released a few months back, they gave a full page ad in the paper but there was no mention of RDB's. At that time Honda 2 wheeler's CMD(a jap) came to blore. I missed him by a few hours. Next day when he was back in gurgaon, I called him up sounding pretty irritated. He offered his apologies but didn't mention anything at first. I told him I would boycott his products in India, then he said that Honda is releasing 2 new models in 2005 and one with come with standard DDB's(dual disc brakes) and the other model will be optional DDB(but they won't be cheap, 70-90k.) I'm not keeping my hopes up. I think somebody needs to offer DDB's as standard before the other manufacturers jump in. Just see how popular FDB's have become.


Maybe some Indian manufacturer can make a bike similar to the Hyosung(1.67lakhs) and bring the cost down to about 90-1lakh. The Hyosung is very competitive in Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia but in India, duties and taxes raise the price by 40k.

As for knak- If you can't import a european bike, you can get a second hand japanese 250-400cc bike from thailand for cheap. You just have to find out the right importers. I know one but he rarely does bikes. Only cars.

suplhurine- If fuel economy is no.1, then stick with the hero honda bike with 100 litres fuel economy or the bajaj 100 litre fuel economy bike. Personally, you should go with the bajaj 125 cc(the one jackie chan is advertising.) Its got perfomance and mileage. Stay AWAY from the tvs and yamaha.

why are RDB's so imp? Safety. They allow you to stop faster than drum brakes and last a lot longer.
You can get custom made RDB's from bike shops but it will cost 9-13k.

@bugatti: tvs centra have had rave reviews for its performane and mileage ratios. honda is going down on fuel efficienct meters. bajaj discover is a good buy i agree. but if i am to sell my splendor and get a new one, it would definitely be unicorn.
If you had a choice between the honda karizma and bajaj pulsar 180 or a similar bike, which one would you go for?
karaizma is good.. but my fav is the cbz.. now don't tell me it is old.. (i know it is) but i think it looks the best..
pulsar 180 gotta be the most exciting bike on road today. if we keep the 1lakh+ bikes out of the criteria 🙂