I want to buy a computer chair

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The one that I have right now has one major issue, it's squeaky. And it's getting bad with each passing day.

I am using a chair made by some local manufacturer and is around 2 years old. Any input is highly appreciated.
Check the Amazon basics diff range. I am using one brought from prime day sale 2 years back.
Though it has few drawbacks here n there but nothing major to complain about and still comfortable.
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I used one for over a decade which had foam for both the seat & back rest. And I can tell you that a foam backrest is extremely hot & uncomfortable. Now you get one with backrests with a perforated fabric of some type which allows ventilation. You might see these types in banks & offices. I suggest you go for this type.
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I've this sort of a chair right now. I guess I should get it repaired if it's possible.

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squeakiness should be fixable with machine oil at the right places. i have been looking for a chair for a while too. the one i have right now falls down (shocker gives up probably because of weight and i slid down to the lowest height setting) on a random basis. i have gotten the shocker part replaced but it does not last for more than a few months so it is a recurring expense. probably would get one of the basic four legged chair eventually. no wheels but at least the thing would last for ever.
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I was thinking about investing in a good chair because Corona has increased screen time a lot. I've started doing exercise for posture, so that should obviously help. Shouldn't be asking this, but how much do a person have to weigh to change the shocker that often?

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Could be just a quality issue. Some companies do have a weight rating for their chairs. Amazon's mid range model was 110KG last time I checked.
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