I want to buy a vaccum cleaner

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Airtel & Vi
Vaccum cleaner primarily to help with the basic cleaning and which can work as a blower too (or will buy a blower separately, please suggest). Budget around 10k.
Take a look at Eureka Forbes models been using their stuff from the 80's in our house. Rarely had any complaints & service has been decent. You can choose between wet & dry models or just dry.
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Better go in for one with a motor with higher wattage. Will check tomorrow what wattage my cleaner has. Its quite old and a real beast.

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Yeah! Except Dyson, I don't think we've a worthy contender in terms of wire free operation and portability. I just need something to do dusting and basic cleaning. But I think whatever I take has to be quite powerful, and powerful options are all bulky (so far that I've seen).
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In the market for a vacuum cleaner and have my eyes on the Dyson v10. Tested it out yesterday at their showroom and it works well. But then again I'm sure the dust type is also carefully planned in the showrooms to impress us.

Youtube reviews OTOH do show the v10 to be promising enough and more VFM than the V11. Will probably wait for a diwali / dusshera offer
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