ICICI Bank Insta Save Account

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Page gone. lol
https://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Banking/account-deposit/instasave-account/index.page? loads for me?
i cannot seem to find the details of the # here.

Redirects me to https://www.icicibank.com/html/en/index.html

And for the CC it says, you need to create an FD (min 10k / max 25k) for 1 year..and automatically CC will be provided with a value up to 90% of the FD limit.
Right. Opening anything on Edge Canary is playing with fire these days. Didn't face any issue on Stable Edge.

icici just would not give me a credit card through the regular route. want me to go through the provide income proof documents etc.

so if i get an icici credit card through this route (FD), i can potentially get the Amazon pay card with the same limit. i believe icici bypass the verification process if user already has an icici credit card. though i guess it might not apply on fd based credit cards.

worth mentioning here. my first credit card was from icici based on a fd i created with them. had to do it in a hurry because a client sent payment through paypal and i needed a credit card back them to validate my paypal account or something.
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