If I were to move to India...

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If I were to move to India for a few months, and base my decision of what city to live in, on the availability of reliable and fast (at least 1.5 mbps) broadband internet service, what city should I pick?What service provider should I go with? And how much (roughly) would it cost per month?Thanks a lot for your help!
Since the average consumer here deals with connections with speeds around 128 - 256 kbps, I doubt that you will get much response on this forum, or for that matter from the websites of the ISPs..... you are better off contacting the ISPs individually... try Airtel - they have the best deals / reliability IMHO....
airtel is the best bet for decent broadband connectivity if u can land at a place where they offer the 256 kbps unlimited pack...
Is it only Internet connectivity you would wish to be bothered?Fine BSNL 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps schemes are available and they are stable.Visit bsnl.co.in for tariffs.Airtel is also stable and you have 512 and also 1 mbps schemes Visit airtel-broadband.com for their tariffsWell I have stayed in Coimbatore for atleast 5 years now (shuttling to and fro from Ooty my native) and the internet facilities are quite stable here.Real Estate : It is on the rise now since quite a few companies are planning to shift down.Why did you not choose Bangalore? Pune? Mysore? Chennai? (All IT destinations)
choose chandigarh.....nice clean decongested citywith best of airtel's plans
chandigarh is indeed nice. the problem is that airtel has not reached my home in panchkula 🙁

Does any of these cards do hardware encoding/decoding ? or rely on the computer for those jobs.I wanted to build a PVR, but with the elec probs here...dont think its worth it.
Originally posted by Poison@Sep 7 2005, 06:36 PM
If I were to move to India for a few months, and base my decision of what city to live in, .....
Don't do it..., if you can.
well contact any service provider. anyone offering 512kbps connection. You can couple 2 connections together to get 1mbps. That will be costing you according to my estimate atlest rs.2000($45) to rs.2500($55).