I'm taking Sify!

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MTNL Triband + TATA night u/l
Hey!Well inCable is charging me Rs. 1653 for unlimited 64kbps.too much.I've came to know I can get Sify and have talked to the Sify guy he will come tomorrow and collect Rs. 1500 installation charges cheque..I think I'll go in for the 256 kbps Shared 795 scheme.It has unlimited downloads from 10 to 8 right?I need to browse at good speeds as i already have MTNL NU to d/l at nights.This will give me around 150mb to play with during days. or is it 200 mb?Well..wish me luck ! 😛i'll keep everyone updated..
Go for Reliance 128 Kbps for Rs 1500 unlimited....one of my friend is using the same and she says it rocks 🙂
I dont think its available at my place..I'll enquire about them!I would've taken powersurfer but my society doesnt permit them to install wires 🙁Though if sify could deliver me decent speeds and uptime I dont mind the 150mb/day limit..Thanks!Edit: I put in an Enquiry with Reliance. They said they'll call back in a day if I could get Reliance Broadband.and I'm actually excited to get Sify.lol. 😱
website says 150mb but i think i read here 200mb dunno..my memory is weak 😛 i guess its 150mb only..but does the 256kbps shared rs.795 plan is unlimited from 10pm to 8am?if yes im going for it 🙂

even i am going for that plan Rs.795 256 . What are the cto charges u r paying in mumbai on this unlimited 256 pack?
Welcome to this forum & Sify....! If you read this forum properly you will understand how sify operated and how it operates now. Also you will be educated on the hidden stuff of sify. After you read full forum , you can give your suggestions so that sify may look into that, as it is they have stopped their survey and has a peep in this forums for their various future plans and strategies and some , yes some, very few improments!!
Originally posted by cancer10@Aug 10 2005, 11:18 AM
Go for Reliance 128 Kbps for Rs 1500 unlimited....one of my friend is using the same and she says it rocks 🙂
Well the site quotes half of that rate....Rs 750 for a 128kbps for 10GB d/l limt and Rs 1200 for the same d/l limit
its 150 MB and i say don't take the risk of downloading more than that unless u wanna loose some validityand never never trust sifythey can even cut ur validity if u downloaded in the nightthen u would to bark non stop at their dumb cc with no result
hey thanks all 🙂 me sure getting good advice 🙂The Sify guy said my building has 70 connections! So im hoping customer service is good.as in no to very little downtimes...speed i dont know what to expect...will do lots of speed tests and post results..He's asking for a cheque so installation would take some time..first cheque will clear..etc etc
Dont even think of taking that piece of SHIT- ISP!🙁stop waisting money people!!! Sify is crap!