in2cable internet really sucks

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Latest News:-21 july 2005
In2cable Suckars now charge R.s 772 for 3.2 download speed i.e 32 kb line and 990 for 64 kb line.

Why that happen i don't know. They think that there service is good.
They are assholes to increase the prices purely "CHEATERS".....

Yes guys that true here in mumbai.

I just got a cable connection fine it was 32 kbps line and R.s 441
i use to get 12 kb constant speed.i downloaded 13 gb then;

Next month my speed increased to only 1.4 kb download speed.

When i called customer care they started explaining about there wrong concept
that if it's a shared modem thats the perfect speed.

where as i have the shared modem but only i am solely user in my locality.

so how i use to get 12 kb constant for whole month and now 1.4kb

I suggest never buy in2cable i think sify plans are far better.

See here on these suckers don't even display access rates on there site.
Customer support email is FUCKALL as u don't get reply!!!!
Poor guy...Cheated !!! :lol:
cable connections are never reliable as far as constant speeds are concerned!!!
it can be if the ISP is good. teh connectivity has got nothing to do with it.
yup... true.. but i hardly see 10 % or even fewer happy wid their connections...
well, it's basically because it's always shared...and if u're getting a good speed then u're the lucky one coz more ppl are not there on that line, but that's not for too long 😉

heh.. yah.. ive used 4 providers till now.. namely In2Cable,24Online,Sify,Pacenet and now i m on Exatt ..!Not satisfied wid any.. but its not the providers fault in my case .. its all bcoz of the CTO's who give HOPELESS service.. but i got no choice than to stick wid them coz its monopoly a in my area... as is in many places in south bombay !
true. the cto's are always up to something here. im on exatt too. the conecction is excellent nothin to complain about. the occasional donime yes. but otherwise its all great. the cto's should be anged by their nudgies and made to download at least 500 Gb of regretful letters and michael jackson and britney spears songs... with the speeds tht they offer. hehehe. :lol: