Incablenet Cas Scheme


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I just called the Incablenet numbers to enquire about the CAS Schemes that they have. This is what they said:STBCost: 1500OR Monthly rental 45/30 (on 250/999 deposit)ChannelsFree: 132 per monthPay: 5.6 per channel per month6 mths all pay channels free!i.e I pay total only 132 per month for the next 6 months for all free+pay channels that I want!Also, If I buy the STB for 1500, and later If I dont Like it, I can return the STB and they will refund the entire 1500 bucks. I can return it even after as long as 6 mths and still get the refund.Wat do you guys think? Seems tempting for me.
Thats right.I bought the whole system for Rs 3500 , i dont have to pay for pay-channels for 1 year, its all included in the amount, just have to pay Rs 90 per month for free channels.I sa the picture quality on CAS and DTH, is it really that Tata Sky and Dish TV have far superior quality than CAS? I did not felt the difference. Maybe its just me. Any suggestions.
yup even i think that picture quality is better overall in CAS, because the last mile has been reduced to a cable, instead of a satellite. and given the size of the dishes people are cramping into their balconies, i guess dth picture quality might suffer a lot due to bad weather conditions.bottm line is, i'm happy. sala i've never seen such good quality cable television in my life till now. 😀
One question to those who are currently into the Incable net scheme.Is it compulsary to go with the Free channels package? I mean do we have to compulsarily take those FTA channels & still pay Rs.135 for it? Or can we straight away pick the channels of our choice & pay accordingly?
from what i know... the so called fta channels are compulsory.

For those of who are from Mumbai this info may be useful. If you are tired of the crap handed out by the customer care guys then remember the board tel. to their Head Office is 28248345 & 28248300. Also I am told chief of customer care with Indusind Media & Communication (Mumbai) is a Mr Sanjay Kamat maybe you could contact him. Also check out