India's Footure?

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The Funny One
Sushubh's Bog Link

Its an year old but Very Funny Comments though....

Too Bad Sushubh did'nt post this back then....

had a nice laugh though...

plz sand me screening &main jee 2005 papers

well, this guy sure did get through...
And these guys are gonna get into IITs & be technocrats of tomorrow?Haha! :lol:Seen it before, & now too, & both times the intellect of the people giving their roll numbers on BLOG COMMENTS, has amused & tickled me pink!
I am damn sure that not a single person who posted their roll numbers would have got into IIT.Some people are dumb and some people are more than just dumb! :lol:
Yaa its funny...But think of these students, they are puhed to the edge with ruthless competetion and this result can literraly make their lives.