IndusInd Bank

damn. indusind reduced fd interest to 6.5% from 1st. this is getting super annoying.
Would be posting a photo of this at a later stage as it only happens when you run the app after a gap. Would have to take a photo because screenshots are disabled in the app.

This is very annoying because the popup loads with lag so you end up clicking on the ad as you are trying to click on one of the on the logged in display.

I have gone through settings and this is not a setting that can be disabled. I find it pretty fucking annoying. And it is amongst some other reasons why I would dump this account when I am done with my deposits and some other third party connection requirements.
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Anyone here uses indusind bank? I want to start an online Digi-start zero balance a/c for my mother since bank is situated walking distance from home. How's the netbanking,customer service etc?
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online app is quite decent except for the fact that they load a full size banner on first logins in a while.
has anyone received their march statement with the interest data on deposits?

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sadly, the interest certificate in the march 2021 statement does not include data from the FDs that expired or were discontinued. pretty stupid on their part tbh.
i am not exactly a fan but i am kind of stuck with it. what complaints have you heard?
UPI down. Can't login to mobile app. Can't login on the website. They never bother informing about this downtimes.
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Thinking of opening Indus exclusive savings account how is indus performing these days?