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Now whats up with this? Channels like DD News,ABP News,HBO and maybe a few others show this message instead of program details.This gonna be permanent now?
you mean the EPG ????
what I assume is currently channel owners are changing the programs sequence (Except of those fixed ones) and selecting the Highest Revenue Generating onesto go live during peak hours, this might be the cause as EPG has been missing on other DTH providers too.
Some changes are happening thats the reason EPG for some of the channels are missing...
For more than 2 months this problem is going on with many tamil channels like Kalaingar group of channels and now its happening with Sun TV also 🙁
All other DTH operators are improving in providing EPG and other features while Tata Sky is going south with their quality of service :shame: :miserable: :thumbdown:
I have Airtel and Tata Sky. I can confirm that Airtel provides EPG for many channels for which TATASKY display no information. I have not seen EPG for many News channels and Regional channels on TATASKY.
Yes many channels show No Information available we cannot record also if the EPG isn't der.

Jignesh said:
Yes many channels show No Information available we cannot record also if the EPG isn't der.
And planned series programs too don't get recorded. Most of the tamil channels are of 'information not provided' category.
If Recording is not possible due to lack of EPG information, is there any option available in STB to record manually any channel for given time duration (for e.g record Star Plus from 9 PM to 10 PM irrespective of programme being broadcast). If such option is available, then it is workaround to record your favourite shows provided it really starts/ends and set time 🙂
When I worked for STB Testing job, I was working on STB which had such option for "Manual Recording" by which we were able to record any channel for any set time irrespective programme broadcast time and EPG information.
I have been interacting with the helpdesk and the nodal officer since June 2013. Initially, they said that the problem was with the channel provider. When I told them that other ISPs do not have this issue, they said it was a technical problem. A couple of weeks back, again I started pining them. The nodal officer (supposedly from the CEOs office) told me that the problem was with the Sun network and they are not providing the information. In fact, the problem is with other language channels as well (including DD). When questioned on why they are not taking this up with the channel providers, they said that their sales team has been informed about it. They have no clue as to when it will be resolved. If any of you know of any central authority whom we can approach, then we could talk/write to them. The only reason Tata Sky has been calling me is that my subscription is due for renewas. Otherwise, Tatasky seems to be only intersted in our money and not in solving the issue.
Tatasky has not every bothered to post this problem on their website.