Internet Woes at Delhi 110014

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New Delhi
So far I have experience of using following Internet Service Providers at Delhi (pin 110014) (list in the order of switching from one ISP to another):Sify BroadbandWorldPhoneTikonaSpectranetCandor InfosolutionsSify Broadband was good. But it did not have high speed plans then (5 years back). Presently, Sify does not have network in my area.Worldphone has similar problems. Connectivity used to be lost for long periods of time.Worst experience I ever had was with Tikona Wibro. That company installed me the connection but never provided the actual internet service. Reason given: "Hamare access point ki capacity khatam ho gayi hai. Customers zyada ho rahe hain." Had to switch to Spectranet due to the nightmares from Tikona.Spectranet was the best ISP I ever used. The only drawback is that you cannot pay your bills online. You have to depend on "Cable Wala" for subscription recharges, etc. I used Spectranet smoothly without hassles for last 3 years.But the cable operators are not honest. He took my monthly payment of January 2012 for Spectranet and switched my connection to Candor Infosolutions ("Ber sarai" based Airtel reseller). Cable operator says he has stopped providing Spectranet now.The Tikona-like troubles have again started with Candor. I'm losing the connectivity frequently. Cannot even download 100 MB file in 2 hours. Further, Candor does not even show the tariff plans openly, not even in website. Candor's CCE says in phone that "Tariffs are company secrets"!!! Candor is charging me 1200 Rs per month for 768 kbps connection!!!I don't know what to do in this situation because the irony is that we have only 4 ISP's in Delhi's 110014 area: Reliance Wireline (does not respond to connection requests), MTNL (sarkari red-taping), and Candor.
hmmmmm, i can feel your discomfort! i had similar issue in bangalore. tikona bhai to apna router hi chod gaye humare ghar. saale sabh chor hain. if this continues, one day they will become gangster.better buy 3G stick and use, but would need to shell extra
Why don't you go for Airtel, there FUP policy sucks but still I haven't heard of any "area specific problems" in Airtel.Or Reliance may be, try Reliance, they have some really good plans!
@Chetan31 You're right brother. But 3G is simply unaffordable in the light that I download lots of music, games, etc.@x720 My friends use MTNL. They too are frustrated with it. Reason : MTNL works great when it works, but when it doesn't, you have to struggle a lot with their CC to get things fixed.@Kskaran123 Airtel doesn't have connectivity in my specific locality. Reliance's plans are good (especially Freedom 999 plan) but they are not responding even after several connection requests. Whenever I lodge a connection request with Reliance (through website or phone), no-one from Reliance contacts me but Tikona people call me the next day to ask whether I want a connection!!!I don't know what to do in this situation.
I contacted Reliance on 25th Feb (online via there website), was told that a person would contact me within 7 working days. Received a call from their Sales Person on 3rd Mar asking me for my address so that they can check the availability in my area. And now, today, I was told that there is no availability and was advised to opt for there wireless plan (Netconnect+ or WiMax).This I think put both of us in the same spot now!p.s. I m from New Delhi - 110005

@kskaran123 I wish we could get something like Beam Fiber in Delhi. They are giving 10 MBPS for 1000 Rs.
That would be awesome.I was just surfing the mtnl delhi site......the Freedom 800 plan is nice. It has 512 kbps in day and 2 mbps at night (11pm to 8am) for Rs. 800/- pm.I think I will switch to mtnl now!
@bobbyguitarist Here we have Spectranet too. They are great: no FUP, reasonable plans, etc. But they are very area specific, depend on cablewalas.