Ip Address Conflict

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While using my dataone connection, sometimes the system displays IP address conflict with another hardware on the computer. How do I rectify this problem ? My modem is UTStar UT-300R2 and it is connected to the LAN card.
Is ur system part of a network? Are u using the connection with multiple comps connected thru a hub? I don't hink Bsnl gives static ip's with their 256k connections.Might even be a false positive. Try un-installing ur lan card in device manager. Then restart ur comp. Ur card will be detected and installed again. If this doesn't solve the problem, Go to control panel>>Network and Internet Connections>> Network Connections. There right click ur lan card. Choose (TCP/IP) and click on properties. In the window that opens make ur obtain an ip address automatically is checked.Also make sure DHCP is enabled in ur router settings.If the problem still persists. Open Command prompt from Accessories and type ipconfig and press enter. Report back with the info u it shows u.
After going though your given procedure the problem is not showing up for the moment.Thanks for the help.