IPad 4 Wifi Connection Drops After Inactivity

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I have recently purchased a new IPad 4, and this is driving me crazy. After not using the wifi for a while, on waking the ipad up from sleep mode, I cannot connect to the Internet. The wifi is still connected, the icon still shows in the status bar, but can't access any website or anything. This sometimes happens while browsing too, if I have not clicked on any link for a while.Tried calling Apple customer care, tried everything they said, including resetting to factory settings in the end, but no use. Finally got a new replacement from the Service Store. But again, same issue!Tried almost everything i could find on google, including:-Increasing screen brightness-updating the ios to the latest version-tweaking my wireless router settings.. Tried wpa, wpa2, wep, tkip/aes, aes only, tried mac filtering on, tried different channels (got an app which scans all the wifis around and suggests the best channel from 1 to 11), tried tweaking to suggested tcp mss options/tcc mtu options/beacon interval/thresholds/ b/g/n combinations, but no use. Also tried using google dns servers ( etc)The wifi does not drop and works perfectly on our other devices, including 2 Dell laptops, a Galaxy S3, an HTC One X and a Nexus 7 tab. Only the new Ipad 4 has this problem.Here are my settings:Channel 06 (best according to that app)Beacon interval: 100Rts/cts threshold: 2347Fragmentation threshold : 2346Wireless mode 802.11 b+g+nWpa-pskTkip/aesI am at a loss.. please help!
Hey man, I had the same issue as you, not just on my iPad, but also my phone..only laptops stayed connected without dropping. I'm assuming you're using the router provided by Mtnl? The 450TC1? I think it's the router that's dropping the connection after putting the devices on standby/sleep for a bit. The only solution i could think of was to buy a new ADSL router, or use my existing standard D-Link router which i already own. I used Socrates' guide on how to use "a wireless router in conjunction with a MTNL modem/router on a MTNL ‘Triband’ ADSL broadband connection." It worked perfectly, as i currently use my standard router for WIFI and the connection never drops! Here's the link if you're interested -> http://socrates0.blogspot.in/2011/01/how-to-configure-netgear-wireless-n150.html
I know it's given specifically for a Netgear router, but the same procedure works just fine with other brands as well.