Ipod Shuffle a no-go

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Just picked a 2nd gen ipod shuffle (1gb) but the damn this is a complete no-go!
Windows does not react at all when I plug it in.
The charging light on the ipod does not show at all, not even a flicker.
All my USB ports are functioning fine - I've even charged/loaded my cousin's nano with the same PC.
I read something about high-powered USB ports being needed to charge the ipod. Am not sure how to distinguish between hi/lo powered ports but these are USB 2.0 ports and as I mentioned a nano has worked.
I've hated Apple with a vengeance and haven't touched their crap for years but I guess I fell into the ipod trap. Any ideas would really help me from completely losing it. :wall:

Edit: I'm running XP SP2 and I did download & install their latest piece of crap itunes before connecting.
umm the shuffle works fine for my friend. either you got a defective unit... or something is wrong... try it on a friend's machine. if it works, sell it on ebay?
Yeah I plan to try it on another PC tomorrow. I know for a fact that the USB ports at the back of my PC are functioning fine. It's definitely a hardware glitch coz I haven't seen even a hint of life from this thing. 🙁
is it under warranty? As in I hope you didn't buy it from the grey market... if so, get it replaced!
Grey market, but the guy clarified that it's under the usual 1 year global warranty. I've dealt with this guy for a long time so can take him on his word.
if you've bought your pc sometime recently, all usb ports would be 2.0.guess you got a defective one, try and get it replaced.another reason not to buy ipods......😕

My shuffle worked perfect on both my 7 year old PC as well as new PC
Update: It was an ipod issue. The input jack was defective, got a replacement on the spot from the same shop and it's working like it's supposed to. Thx to everyone who replied.