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I had called CC for some problem and since they always ask you , "Can I be of any other assistance today?" I figured what the heck - "What's the deal with IPTV?" I figured I would get some response along the lines of "Oh, we don't have that information currently" but surprisingly the lady ended up telling me that I could get information from another number, and the number she gave me was 4000200. I tried calling but it didn't work... then i noticed that it was probably one digit too short, and some Airtel no.s start with 41000. Dialing that got me to a message saying that the number has changed to 45400200 where no-one picked up the phone. Today is Sunday, and this number is probably only for the Gurgaon IPTV testers, so maybe that's why there is no response. Or maybe I got the wrong number.

Anyone else have any information?
Reaction to IPTV at the Bangalore CC - IBTV ? IBTB ? IPTB ? India Patna Tata Victory..IPTV.ok .plz call 1777 sir which they said was corporate support. So called them , he says call 41112345 since i am a residential customer and 1777 was STD/PCO helpline
@vebmetal : I had called up 4000200 today in the morning. They are currently providing only free to air channels only and is still in testing phase. The service is available to customers in DLF and A few other sectors nearby in Gurgaon only.No detalis regarding the launch of the service and the expected price were provided.I hope this helps. p.s: The no. works only on weekdays and during office hours.
aha, that's interesting. Thanks for making the call! So fta channels only, huh? That sucks!! I wonder how long it takes to test.... it's been a looooooong time!! Anyway looks like I am sticking to Hathway till something better comes along (which will probably be in 2007 or 2008 by the looks of it!).
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