IS airtel blocking trackers?

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I am showing 0 trackers and saying"trackers has no peers field" but there are more than 1000 seeders and leechers.


tracker reply has no peers field (Page 1) / Troubleshooting / µTorrent Community Forums

it could be that airtel is messing with the p2p structure and forcing us to have p4p

I can confirm from the Be* forums that they are testing something called "peer localisation" on their network (I guess this extends to O2), where they intercept announce requests, and sort/modify the peer list to attempt to force your client (not restricted to utorrent) to more local peers rather than on the other side of the world.
Looks like it's still in the testing phase at the moment. I guess I'll post more info from there as it comes up or as people ask and if/as I get time, since I think it's good for the more general public to know about these sort of things which are going on."


Proactive network Provider Participation for P2P - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yes airtel broadband blok trackers for torrents & some other private operaters also going this way
dammit old guys reply.This is serious,all public trackers like public bt,open bt,stalker are not being allowed.They are not allowing foreign seeders and peers.
If you have a reason to believe Airtel is blocking trackers, buy RS or FSC website subscription or change your ISP.
why change my isp.They are violating net neutrality and consumer protection you know how much data is there in vuze bittorrent software.entire bbc archives etc.all i want is someone to dl any file(legit ofcourse) and tell me that are they getting this error and are the peers\seeds 0 in the trackers that are working.

Like seriously ? Airtel may be doing whatever, the end result is you are suffering. Switch to another isp. 🙂
I am tired of ****heads replying.Only airtel users reply

Goodluck from ****heads! 🙂 (Even though I use Airtel at workplace)
anyone plz reply.Airtel is not allowing even vuze trackers.All i want is that someone confirm that they are unable to dl plugins in vuze,have 0 users in distributed database and old torrents are not downloading and the trackers are saying tracker reply has no local peers field or socket unreachable.

plz also tell me do you use dialer mode or always on mode.


even link-removed trackers are giving 0 users!.My ports are open but trackers arent able to send or recieve data.
Why arent you guys replying.Do you like your connection not being allowed to use p2p?.plz test it and reply.
I am unable to understand what is wrong with you all.Cant anyone help me.I have contributed so much in this forum and all i am asking you is to test it via vuze and when people reply like this,i loose my temper and then i am told that i am wrong and should be banned.
Probably everyone here disconnected their airtel connections , very few airtel broadband users left.