Is BSNL Deaf? they provide FTTH connection with quality of ADSL

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BSNL has one of the worst network routing leading to high packet loss, high latency, and connection drops.
Even complaining on Twitter or PGportal is useless. No one at BSNL is able to address the core issue. Most of the BSNL customers look only at what speed they are getting on the speed test. No one bothers to check how is BSNLs International transit speed? Granted not many are technical about such stuff, but it is BSNLs responsibility to address such issues by themselves. Approx 7 out of 10 people are not technically sound about network issues and the reason why the issue is occurring. When you go and complain about the same, BSNL guys are like, only you are facing the issue (hinting issue is of no concern to them).

For anyone who works on real-time data such as stock trading, video conference, or remote desktop connection (RDP) with servers in India BSNL sucks big time. This is not just me complaining you can go and check all over the internet BSNL has latency and routing issues that they have failed to address. Just changing technology from copper to FTTH, they think all issues will be solved.

For example, ADSL is last-mile connectivity for end-user from Point of presence(exchange), however, the entire backbone for the ADSL is made up of an optical network. Yet, BSNL hints issue is copper ADSL go buy FTTH. Now with FTTH entire network is optical. Yet the quality of the network is the same as earlier with ADSL.

Now BSNL will hint at taking high-speed plans since you are facing an issue. You go buy a 100 or 200mbps plan, with the same backbone and drawback of the routing, packet drops, etc. This is like saying, an 8 lane Expressway with a pothole is better than 4 lane expressway without potholes (pothole being the backdrops).
BSNL experiences, just like any other national operator, is really dependent on the area. The performance can vary even within the same district between panchayats and municipalities. The best you can do is to look for alternatives since complaining to BSNL is usually wasted time and effort.
This is just absurd

                                                                              Packets               Pings
 Host                                                                        Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
 1. (waiting for reply)
 2.                                                               0.0%    42    1.6   1.6   0.5   9.1   1.8
 3.                                                               0.0%    42  108.6 109.6 108.4 119.7   2.0
 4.                                                             0.0%    42  108.5 109.0 108.1 112.0   0.7
 5.                                                            0.0%    42  123.9 135.9 123.9 222.8  20.8
 6.                                                           70.7%    42  116.7 117.3 116.4 121.6   1.5
 7.                                                            0.0%    42  116.7 118.3 116.7 129.1   2.1
 8.                                                             0.0%    42  117.2 118.4 116.6 135.0   3.2
 9.                                                            0.0%    42  118.3 119.0 117.1 145.2   4.7
10.                                                          58.5%    42  119.0 120.7 118.5 126.4   2.4
11.                                                                   0.0%    42  117.8 118.1 117.2 121.1   0.8
To be fair there's something wrong with BSNL and Cloudflare. Experience is very inconsistent. On some days I'd get 40ms and on others 120+ms with packet loss.

Google, Netflix, fb, aws generally have no problem, always 50ms. That's pretty good for me living in remote areas in NE region.
NE people are so fucked up, they have only the option as BSNL to go above 200mbps speeds. Lowest latency is 45-50ms we can expect. Sometimes they get spiked up and you know that you've lost most of your money while trading or you have been just killed in a competitive esports match.

Bsnl routing,ping and total quality is no where comparable to private players especially airtel and act fibernet.Some in bsnl don't even know what is ping and routing.They will just open speedtest and will show full speed to nearest server and say that everything is fine.Today morning prime video was not working for me even when i am getting 65mbps on speedtest app and when i opened prime video on airtel 4g with speed of 4mbps it is working flawlessly.Even video calls are much better on airtel 4g than bsnl ftth.

Random packet drops,speed fluctuations,routing issues,service issues all are trademark features of bsnl and who the hell charges rent for shitty modem with no gigabit port,no wifi and is running on 2010 firmware.I am paying Rs.815 for 60mbps where I can get 100mbps on other networks for same price.If possible ditch bsnl.
I have to a point where my FTTH number is known to every BSNL employee (NIB section, Transmission section because the connection is directly from BSNL) in town. Yet they can't do anything because they don't have authority for the same. The only possible solution I can see is to keep complaining till someone higher up notices the issue and resolve it.

@harsha_8re the only reason you have to rent ONT has BSNL invested a few lakhs in an OLT(behold Alphion) which does work with other ONT.

One possible solution I can think of for such issues is to buy two connections at low speed from different ISPs and use load balancing. if one goes down at least you have another working.
bsnl ftth is shit.. there nib bng n noc is full of chutya officers who doesn't even know p of putty