is it good to leave airtel fiber for its non use of free calling feature

i am currently using airtel fiber 100 mbps plan 3 months in sector 121 noida and its speed is good ping too..But whats the use of paying them 2800 if they cant provide free calling feature in all devices connected to router.i know airtel is known for their speed and consistency but i am ok with a bit less speed than plan speed in jio fiber atleast there is calling feature in jio call..who will spend extra charge for using landline and using their free calling service in airtel..
they have wifi calling feature and that voip calling i saw here how to enable it in third party app but i couldnt by is it wise to shift to jio fiber just for free calling?
Iirc even the cheapest prepaid plans have free calling to all operators?
Why do you want to change your ISP just for the sake of free calling?
Airtel gives 110% of speed always, there's no headache of it going down and then not fixing it. Jio on other hand gives 95% promised speed and there no real guarantee + they point you behind a NAT.

In case your Happy with less speed you can downgrade to 100 Mbps (120 Mbps) plan at 999₹ or even 40 (55 Mbps) plan at 499₹.

Instead I would suggest, upgrade your old phones to new phones like Redmi Note 10 which support wifi calling.

In short term my advice might not be that appealing but in long term it will make sense.

In today's world without internet feels like being cut off of oxygen. Not having to worry if the internet will go down or not is a huge plus.