Is it possible to dial up two PPPoE connections from a single Modem in bridge mode?

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Let me elaborate it a bit further,
The ONT/ONU (with multiple GE ethernet ports) will be in bridge mode and two or more routers will be connected to it.
Is it possible to dial up a separate PPPoE connection using different username and password for each of those routers?
Or it's just limited to single connection?
Assuming there is no MAC binding involved, is this setup possible?
Technically, This is possible but it really depends on your LCO/ISP.

In my case it was BSNL and after a shortwhile I just gave up on it and bought another ONT. I think the problem is, They need to associate multiple VLANs(for each pppoe connection) to a single PON link and my LCO had no clue about it and neither did anyone in the BSNL office in my district.

Assuming there is no MAC binding involved, is this setup possible?
And this shouldn't be a problem at all. The MAC address they see on their end is of the device on which you created PPPoE connection. If you'll be configuring PPPoE connections on 1 router, You can change the MAC address of underlying interfaces used as WAN and it should work.
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I mean multiple customers are served from a single fiber link, so I was wondering if it was possible and I would like to give this a try sometime in the near future.
As for the MAC address, ya you are correct, but I just mentioned it to clear some hurdles if any related to it.
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Ok, so I tried the same with a single cable with the same ISP and same VLAN, but then in OpenWRT, it just fails. If I stop the original PPPoE connection, the second one works. 🤔

Sat May  8 21:12:56 2021 pppd[26300]: Plugin loaded.
Sat May  8 21:12:56 2021 pppd[26300]: RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.8p compiled against pppd 2.4.7
Sat May  8 21:12:56 2021 daemon.notice pppd[26300]: pppd 2.4.7 started by root, uid 0
Sat May  8 21:13:11 2021 daemon.warn pppd[26300]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets
Sat May  8 21:13:11 2021 daemon.err pppd[26300]: Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery
Sat May  8 21:13:11 2021 pppd[26300]: Exit.
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Seems like what I'm trying to achieve will be possible, but I will not know unless I try it, so Thanks for the input everyone.
I will try to update this thread if it won't be too old by then.
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