Is it possible to use own Hotstar (and others) account on Reliance Jio Fiber set-top box?

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@Starman You can login to hotstar on your mobile and click the option 'log out of all devices'. After that you will be logged out from Hotstar on your STB. Then you can manually login with whichever account you want.
Yes it is possible. You can login with that respective account in the Jio STB.
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@divit it might not work the first time on Hotstar and you might face some other issue on other apps as well. There was no logout option for me. I reinstalled the apps and then it was fine. Faced this issue when i recharged with the new Silver plan. Earlier, i was on old silver plan and had logged in with my JioFiber mobile number.
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Send a mail to Hotstar helpdesk they will merge the two accounts and your Jio Fiber alternate number will become your login id. I did it this way
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