Iso Image Problem

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why under this airtel category?
hmmm... Nero has such a feature, but I believe most people prefer Daemon Tools.

I don't quite understand why anyone would really want to mount isos into virtual drives, apart from not wanting to buy a CD/DVD writer - which really isn't that expensive anymore.

If you want to burn (or rip) an iso (legally, of course), then I recommend DVD Decrypter - has worked wonderfully for me - you'll have to google and loko around for it though as it has been discontinued for whatever reason.

uh oh... looks like there's some error.... this thread is appearing under Airtel as well as Software categories..... is this on purpose?
Go for Alcohol 120% it is the best you can get. Supports all extensions such as iso,cue,ccd,mds etc. It also has many more features than Deamon tools such as creating a virtual CD/DVD image, burning to disc etc.
clonecd/dvd, nero , deamon,virtual cd.many r theirbut my favclone cd , nero n deamon
Try Alcohol 120%, its the best. I also use PowerISO and MagicISO. All these support mounting to a virtual drive.
nero and daemon tool are very good...virtual CD supports a very nice feature.. that is compressed images.... sometimes a 700mb cd can be compressed to 250 mb!!!