Issue while connecting iball dual band router to syrotech 1110wd-ont using ethernet cable

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when i connect one end of lan cable to lan port of Syrotech ont and other end to wan port of iball dual band router then it is not detecting any wan connection as i tried dynamic ip and static ip. is there any changes i have to do on my syrotech ont also??
ONT Model No. Syrotech 1110-WDONT
Router Model No. Iball Baton IB-WRD12EN
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please Mr. @varkey help me in this issue.
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hello @varkey , please help me to use bridge mode on Syrotech 1110-wdont to connect my iball dualband router.
Please provide me procedure step by step. Once i tried but get my mac id blacklisted by OLT so please help me with proper steps.
I want this mode because having issue on some devices connected to syrotech using wifi only.
Thannk You bro and please help as u do always.
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