It it DSL night unlimited?

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This my Account Information . So have successfully changed my plan to DSL NU??

And before i had around 120 MB left but now it is saying 0???

Account Information
Name of the subscriber XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Account Number 00041XXXXX
Date of Creation 12-Apr-2005
Current Plan DSL_TRIB_59NU

MegaBytes Downloaded till date (MB Used) 4665
Monthly Free MegaBytes remaining (ADSL MB) 0
IP Address 2
No of eligible E-mail Ids 1
No of existing E-mail Ids 1
Mail Space 4 MB
Additional Mail Space 0 MB
Web Space --
Guess he should be paying for it.One month is over and still I cannot see my planned changed.View attachment 214Whats tht Date of creation?I started using Triband on how come it shows 8JuneHey akash, how did you change ur plan?Did u fill up the form or u gave only the written application?Wer u frm?
i'd suggest u to go and visit the exchange...DO NOT change the plan over the phone...if u do, then be ready for some or other problem...believe me 🙂if u want to change the plan, go to the exchange fill a form and keep one signed copy with's i just got a huge bill of 7k and when i went to the exchange today, i found out that it's the annual charges 😱 when i never opted for that...and as a matter of fact, it's not even availble for this u can guess... 😉
Know what ..i called up the customer care no. They told me to contact our exchange office. I went up there but the Officer in-charge was not their. I might visit tommorow and update on this.Well i didnt fill any form. They just told me to give a written application with the bill attached.Look the other side..even if my plan has not been changed, atleast ADSL MB should be 400 with my old 399plan. Did you get me?And i guess the 'MB used' doesn't show the true MB i downloaded?Or it is?Correct me if i m wrong.Yeah..I need to be careful about the biling

yeah, i get what u're trying to say...but still u know them 🙂anyhow, yes "MB Used" is not true for every month, but it is from the time ur account has started...
hi..even i am gettin eligible ip addresses as 2.. when i havent aplied for a new one.
Hi docmanya,it will be better if you confirm about the 2 IP addresses in the exchange...else they will charge you for this unknowingly they forced me the annual plan when neither did i opt for it, nor is the plan available in NU scheme... 😉
I donno bot the 2nd IP but I guess it is the ip which i use at night.That is why they say to switch off the router after 12.I guess!!!I gave a application letter stating to change my tirb plan.(just a 2 line app :lol: 😛 )and at the bottom i gave my phone no and ca no. and desired plan.that's all.and next day it was changed. (sat afternoon i gave the app n monday mor it was changed)(1 month back when i went to the qcsc they told they din'd had any software to change the trib plan 😀 😀 )where r my all MBs gone ?????1500 told that i have used them up!!!!!!!!!