Jio 4G capping max speed to around 100 Mbps

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Airtel 4G & LCO
Does Jio 4G cap speed to 100 mbps?
Why does Jio 4G cap it unlike other operator who don't do it.
Any specific reason?

I get 100+ Mbps from Vodafone in early morning, but Jio doesn't go further 100 mbps

photo_2020-07-06 19.01.52.webp

Band - b40+b40 (2300 MHz) 2CA
These speeds are crazy i dont even get 1mbps on idea 4G during working hours ..
I live in non-residential area a kind of lumber market area so not many user even in peak hours.

Also the Jio tower is only 50-75 meters from my house and that to no tree or building in between so I get good SNR

And Vodafone-Idea tower is just next to my house but one building is in between so I get poor SNR compared to Jio but better speed since Vodafone does not cap to 100 mbps 😂
Also Vodafone was getting this amazing speeds before 29 June, after which so called "Vodafone-Idea Integration" speeds do not even cross 1 mbps even in morning hours