Jio fiber router getting slow over time? Restart fixes it.

Jio Fiber
I'm the only one facing this weird issue where if you keep jio fiber router running for 5-7days or more, the router starts to respond slowly and your website / images load slowly (as the request is processed later than usual)?

For me, turning off the router for 10 mintues fixes the issue and no it's not network load issue. Idk if this is heating issue though there's ac running mostly in same room as router but whatever it is restarting fixes it.
You can get it replaced.
Are you talking about the images on the Jiorouter control panel or the images that load from websites ?
If the router is loading images (like slowly , then you can get the router changed. First make sure , if its just on the Wifi or the whole router by plugging in a cable
Then clearly there is an issue with the router. Getting it replaced is a good idea cause it's supposed to work completely.

I faced the same issue and haven't been successful in getting the router replaced. Overall, Jio's router is pathetic. I started using my own dual band router as AP and got 20-30% better speeds over both 2.4/5Ghz. Even then, i faced the same issue of longer response times after a week or so. I tried using different routers as APs(TP-Link, Richer Link and D-Link) and results were same. The main culprit is obviously Jio's router and trying to get it replaced will be a total waste of time. When i contact the installation personnel, they ask me to switch off/on the router or reset it.
Just restart the device every 4-5 days or get a smart plug. Arguing with JioFiber customer support or local personnel is futile.
@mate and here I thought using another ap above jio router will fix this issue. Guess restart is the only option.

Jio recently released new TP-Link router. I believe it wouldn't have this issue given tp link is reputated company. You can try forcing them through twitter etc to change router or as last bet fuck your router so they're forced to replace it like putting some water in IT to short circuit it.