jiofi 2 is connected, but i could not access internet


Hi, it is a dongle jiofi 2 data only sim .
when i call the activation phone no,it says that it is already activated.
i inserted the data sim and charged the jiofi 2, connected the dongle with usb to my laptop.
jiofi wifi is shown as connected, but with alert no internet access message.
when i try to call the sim to the phone number , it says voice call not registered, meaning that it is data only sim .
jiofi is connected ,with showing Disconnect Button, so it is connected , but i get no internet access.
what should i do to get connected with the internet
should i change anything internet options.
some times i get error , your dns server might be unavailable error
If possible, try inserting the sim card into a phone and see if you have data access.
Are you even getting signal inside?
Plus there is no data only sim in jio.
With jiofi you need to use jiocall in phone and connect to jiofi wifi to make call.