JioFiber with Teredo (Xbox Live Servers on Windows)

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Jio Fiber

I've been trying to connect to Xbox servers on my Windows PC to play Microsoft games online (such as Gears of War), but I keep getting this error stating that my Teredo is unable to qualify and that my connection to Xbox Live servers is blocked. I followed all the steps listed on Microsoft's website, but am still unable to solve this error. I have attached screenshots of the error on the Windows Settings page as well as my Teredo state on command prompt.

I emailed Jio about it, and got a reply back from Customer Service stating that I should simply "Plug my ethernet cord from router directly to my Xbox". Smh. Could anybody please help me out with this?


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One of my friend had this issue 2 days ago on his new Jio Fiber connection.
To fix it, Enable Upnp on your Jio router.
once that's done, head over to the Xbox Networking in the windows settings app and check for connection status.
Check for atleast 2 times, if it still shows "Teredo is unable to qualify" or "NAT Type - Moderate" then click on "Fix it" and check again.
login to using admin, Jiocentrum then head to

Advanced » Network » UPnP Configuration to Enable UPnP