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Hello friends as i posted earlier that i was sent a supplementary bill of 33,000 for july after sep 20,actually the customer care and the exchange people said its free as no billing cycle started in chennai for july.So till now i didnot get any notice from bsnl and i have paid my regular bfone bill and i have the connection from 1982 and am regular till now.So please tell whom to contact i.e BSNL personnel in Chennai,please post ur thoughts
I thought why did u pay ur bill at all. Its good that u have a conenction since 1982 but paying 33k is just toi much. I dont think any body can help much. U should have discoonected the line instead of paying this huge bill
I said i paid my regular bfone bill and not the 33,000 supplementary bill and so only i asked ur suggestions friends.Should i pay?I am chennai and anyone from chennai have come across this july problem and whom to contact and tell my reasons for this bill as this is the fault of BSNL customer care and i know its also my fault not to trust those call center guys but what to do i called them only not any Reliance or Tata Indicom customer help so please do post ur thoughts