Keeping the default wifi password (psk) on Syrotech ONT - Any risk?

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Is there any harm or risk if I keep using my bsnl ftth without changing the wifi password provided by the ISP/LCO?
My Syrotech router model is SY-GPON-2010-WADONT, and on changing the wifi password (pre-shared key), the new password does not get saved on restarting the router. It reverts to the old password.

I know others have had the same issue and I also read through the possible fixes but since I am a layman regarding network terminology, the solutions are bit complicated for me.

Under the SysLog settings, the Log is already disabled. Under Log Info, there is an option called download log but it shows that there is no system log. There is also an option called Clear Records. Should I try that?

If I can't apply any fix, then is there a risk to keep using the connection with the default wifi password?
risky if ur location having other bsnl ftth customers too
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