Keralavison is just terrible- Is asianet any better?

Kerala Vision
Hi everyone! I've been using Kerala vision for the past two months and the service is just terrible. The connection speed to international servers is abysmally slow and sometimes the only thing that works are youtube and Netflix. It has made my and other family members WFH a mess. Due to these reasons, I was thinking of switching over to Asianet broadband. What do you guys think? Will Asianet be better or have the lockdown rush made every isp struggle with speeds?
If you can get Asianet via fiber till home, I heard it has good performance and speeds that they promise. KV has been really struggling to keep up with demand since lockdown. However I am getting a better connection (no packet losses) from yesterday afternoon (My LCO also said KV did some improvements inside but didn't know any detail) but its too soon to say they have improved.
Asianet is consistently good performer . I am using it now for the past 3 weeks and its very good till now. Pings are low , websites loads pretty much faster as compared to my earlier connection. As for international speeds u will get full speeds to singapore servers while as for newyork and other servers there is congestion during times from 7 pm to 10pm like u will get 30 to 40 mbps speeds for 100mbps speeds . The only thing downside is lower fup as compared to keralavision
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It's better than Kerala Vision anyway! 😅 If it's Asianet FTTH I guess it's alright, I think they still give connections over the coax cables in some areas, and there is no 1:1 download:upload.

I guess give both a try, I don't think there is a definite answer yet and would definitely vary depending on the area.
Yeah.... Tbh I've even researched on Satellite Internet services somedays when KV's "quality" gets on my nerves. Their title is so apt: "Keralam marunnu"..... സത്യമായിട്ടും കേരളം മാറി മറിഞ്ഞിട്ടുണ്ട് ഇവന്മാര് കാരണം 😀

BSNL has VSAT service , will that available to general public ?

Also Space-X already had collected details for the beta testers for their satellite internet. Let's hope Elon Musk complete his dream project soon , so that we can get rid off these "Keralam Maa(Naa)runnu..." teams 😉
@vu3knb I asked BSNL about this actually. They said it's mainly available for special use cases such as government projects in rural areas or for connectivity for Indian ships at sea. Mainland use case was in rural remote parts of Indian mainland and Andaman and Nicobar islands. It isn't given readily to the general public.