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There is a significant difference in tariffs. It depends on the LCO. For instance, my plan 100Mbps @ 500 GB costs around Rs 600. After FUP 4Mbps or so.
An isp so good that people don't even complain and as such never had it own forum 😆

@Thanos: DO they have gogabit plans?
@Realme That's because most of the LCO rebrand the connection with their own name. My LCO has its own plans, website and even billing portal. The IP subnets are in name of the LCO and it's announced and routed by Kings Broadband. I only experienced less than 5 downtimes in the last 4 years.

They do offer 1Gbps. But I don't know the price.
so it's a TIER-2 ISP?

How is its service,QOS, downtimes, censorship etc?

Their plans on official websites are quite bad
Not really. You can still sign in to kings broadband control panel with the same credentials. I have visited their network room and all they are very friendly 🙂

Everything was excellent until two weeks ago. Now I'm getting slower speeds and high latency on international routes from morning to evening.

The service is very good. I only experienced less than 5 downtimes in the last 4 years. Two of them were fiber cut. One inside my home and other on the way to my home. Only I was affected by both fiber cuts and they spliced it within 3 hours.

I usually tunnel sensitive routes via an offshore personal VPN server. I believe there is no censorship. I was able to browse many blocked torrent sites without the VPN.

They are not the actual plans. They haven't even updated the website in the last 4 years.

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