Lan Ethernet Connection To External Adsl Router Not Working

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I have been provided a Pronet external ADSL router by a 3rd party provider recommended by BSNL. I am using BSNL Dataone broadband in Pune. THis router connects to my Dell laptop thru the Ethernet port. I am very happy with the connectivity and speed. However the problem is when I plug the LAN cable into my wife's IBM Thinkpad. The LAN LED display on the ADSL router remains blank. It looks like the Thinkpad and Pronet router do not talk to each other. Do I require to install a driver to get it working?ThanksGanesh
if u can find any usb means then u can install drivers or otherwise the router will work just like that because it is router...i am having the same problem ut-300r adsl external modem which is not working other computer because it is having only the lan port alone
Check the tcp/ip settings of ur wife thinkpad's lan card! Make it same to what are in ur lan card!