Lan setup & MTNL ADSL (triband)

Hey freinds,Just would like to know if we (MTNL triband users) can setup a LAN (Network) just like how Sify users use DC++ to shares loads of stuff via LAN.This wud help us to download stuff from within our group, free of cost, hence our precious MTNL ADSL hours cud be used for some other purpose too.Guys awaiting feed back, me reside @ Thane (w) near Talwalkars gym.
-_- havent u read any of the previous posts?man its tiring just to tell the same thing over an over again."Read before u post!!!!!!" :angry:
ok a little help for you . YOu cannot use dc++ like sify people do ( speeds 1-2 MB/s and not counted in their usage too ) bcoz mtnl uses dsl not ethernet lans . Sure you can start hub and tell other mtnl guys to connect and you will get good speeds as per your pkg like 32-33 KB/s 😵 and downloads will be counted in ur usage .

Agree with power. I think its a good idea. Though it will be counted in our usage and the speeds will be as per our connection, we would be able to share files which are very difficult to find and reduce the time to find them. Anyone knows if someone has already started a hub? :huh:Oh yes 24/7 Net hard feelings there............. I myself had to search a lot for that topic, didnt know it was hidden way back there. 🙂
hey viral & friends,

feelings Not @ all come in between here man .. just chill, but i'm geting crazy solving the nat errors, configure static ip, etc. Can v talk over the phone so that u cud help me out with the settings which r going above my head ...🙂 lemme know so that I can give u my no. Mail @ [email protected]

thanks ...