Las Vegas Hotel Internet

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This is was a real dream!! too bad we stayed only a couple of days I did about 110gb in 12 hours!! B)

But anyway. when I get back to portland(where My cousin lives) He has Verizon FiOS = 15mbps down / 2 mbps up $44.99 /mo, nowhere near this rediculously fast internet but good enough .....Im still in Shock & Awe :blink:

Its gonna be so sucky once I get back to Mumbai on 128kbps :angry:
LOL... that's faster than the LAN here.
Don't know what kind of backbone they are using. Mostly it is Fiber optics backbone infrastructure.My friend who recently visited Japan, said there you can download at the speed of 50Mbps(It is Fifty Mega bits per second) speed. Just can't imagine this much of speed by being in INDIA. Donot know when we will be blessed with these technologies.May be our Great grandsons will be able to enjoy it.Ziba, Thanks for sharing your experience at LAS vegas.