Leaving Sify 2morow

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Well i am sick of sify now....bad poings to game servers....blocked ports...slow dloads....maintanance charges...and they change their package prices everyt month and pathetic customer care services along with good downtime is makingme take this step...I am switching over 2 Spectrasmart......
you mean spectranet... 🙂
et tu brute? :lol:Just joking there ... sushubh left sify tooBTW, does this mean you switch over to a day & night internet scheme?
i am not going anywhere. 🙂 managing forum does not need me to remain on sify broadband. just my rants would stop now 🙂
I'll take over if I see any lack of moderation 😉

We all can also help in moderation by using the button 🙂
and also try to post each topic in the appropriate forum
and also avoid too much off topic straying, like I am doing now :lol:
heh. dudes. i am not going anywhere. but if someone wants a SIFY USER as a moderator, you just have to ask me!
hehe, just a thought that crossed my mind so i asked u guys. 😀 and sushubh is doin hell of a job moderatin this forum(with people like me 😛 ).so keep up the gud wrk sushubh. 🙄