LG working on WP8 Smartphone

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The company is working on its Windows smartphone, which is currently at the R&D stage. “At home (South Korea), we are actually working on our Windows Phone 8 OS powered smartphone,” LG India’s Managing Director Soon H Kwon told Light Reading India.
Kwon however said that the company’s focus will primarily be on Google’s Android operating system. “Android is the major platform globally, given its acceptance and penetration. Although, we believe that Windows will pick up going ahead, as Microsoft is pumping efforts into it,” Kwon further explained.
People having LG's WP7 had bad experience as LG abandoned WP7 handsets and didn't provide any further updates. Need to see how they fare with WP8.
BTW Sony is another OEM which doesn't have WP phone. It would be good to have Sony Phones with WP8 🙂

Small bezel, on-screen button and looks like its sleek design. Hopefully its real 🙂
But anyways I don't trust LG mobiles.
Nexus is different category. But I have read lots of reviews/comments by people saying their LG phones (Android) never get upgrades compared to other brands.
So LG being main supplier for Nexus, would it be easy for them to launch Windows Phone?

On WP, manufacturers do not have to worry about software as they cannot fuck it up like they do with Android.
I believe upgrades are still provided through OEM's server rather than MS server, I may be wrong though.
So if upgrades comes through OEM vendor, then OEM hold the key when handset will get upgrade "officially". Unofficially there are lots of trick to upgrade handset 😀
Windows 7.x was totally another matter. Things are different now I guess. As long as the hardware is modern enough, it should get all the major updates from Microsoft through the manufacturer. In any case, I do not see the point of buying a non-Nokia/Microsoft device if you are indeed going for a Windows Phone device.