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Earlier i was getting constant download speed(32.5KBps) from site and downloaded lot of movies as well 😀 But for the past one month,the download is almost 11KBps and even that is not constant.. :angry: Is there any problem on my side..or u guys also facing same problem?? :huh:
yes... the speed of link-removed has certainly gone down.. i was getting 25-30 speed earlier but these days i was getting just 6-8 kbps..
Hey white lotus u can use linkgrabber and download from the mirror if it exists...

Any way can u mail me the links for all movies and that 6 gb page...
[email protected]
Yep, link-removed was very slow the past few days,... last week, yousendit was very slow... god knows whats happenin...Anyway, guys, what is link grabber?