Linux drivers for 220BX

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Hi all, I am having an Airtel broadband connection with a 220BX ADSL2+ modem. Currently, I am using Windows XP and use the USB interface to connect to the modem. I would like to use Linux to connect to the internet, but am unable to get drivers for my modem. I would like to know whether it would work with USB at all in linux (FC 4). If not, please suggest some workaround. Thanks in advance.
The USB modem will DEFINITELY not work in linux.You have to call airtel, make some excuse, to get them to give you the LAN modem (which connects to your PC thru ethernet cable). Then it works perfectly fine in linux.
Yeah. I dont understand why people have to buy the inferior USB modem. It's a known fact that LAN is much faster than USB 😉
Thanks guys for the advice. The modem actually has 2 interfaces - USB and ethernet. Since, I didn't have a NIC, it still works on USB. I am going to get one lan card.
Got D-Link. It works well on windows. How about the dialer program that comes with the aritel connection? Is there a linux version for that? How do I really connect to the server?
Ok.. Let me make it more clear. When I used USB, the linux was not able to detect the n/w connection. But, now I have the lan card. I can configure the IP to be of the same segment as the router and everything works fine. But, how do I dial out? Atleast in windows, there was a dialer which gives out the login and password! What about that?
well router stores the username and password inside it so you do not have to manually login to airtel's network.