Looking for Options ? Bought TL-WA850RE , but not satisfied !

Hi Guys,

I bought Repeater TL-WA850RE from TP-Link. Looks like it is half duplex and does not provide 300mbps link speed. My plan is 100 mbps , I hardly get 25 mbps from repeater. All in All, I am disapointed as I was wondering that I will get atleast 60 70 mbps with signal coverage.

Now, I might need to configure router differently, I changed channel, bandwidth etc though. So I planning to return it. but what are my other options ? Do you have better repeater, or modem router with owrt in mind ?
Repeaters tend to reduce the speed as they repeat the signal which is available to them at the distance they are located from the main router. At least this is my understanding of it.
I guess in all scenarios you will experience a reduced speed, have you tried using the WiFi Analyser app from the playstore to check what is the signal strength and speed of the main router where you have plugged in your router ?
People have been recommending something called as Mesh routers, with TP-Link M4 being most economical. still they cost around 6k, haven't used any personally so do not know much about these.
If getting high speeds is your main concern then I think your best bet will be to either relocate your main router more centrally, or run an ethernet cable from the router to the repeater...