Lot of unused data

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We are having hathway 100 mbps 1770 for 2 months broadband at home in Bangalore mainly for online classes. As much of bandwidth is left unused, about 2000 GB, are there any cheaper plans in Bangalore. Also can I share internet and utilise unused data.
According to your agreement with the telco, you can't share internet. Also, you will be responsible if the other person did something illegal using your internet.
Seed the torrents you download upto atleast 1.8 ratio.
Share your data with friends and family if they ever come.
As much as I know, there are no lower plans for Hathway Bangalore.
Better to switch to lower speed plan instead.
Single online classroom session uses 2-3 mbps most of time.
Don't consider unused data in fixed line bb. It's more like unlimited data.