Low DL high UL ..Again?

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Since morning I am experiencing Low DL even on local network of 1-2 Mbps and high UL: 95-100 Mbps.

Anybody else experiencing the same, is this yet another botnet attack?

Also latencies to Google DNS and cloudflare have doubled too 🙁
@Realme bsnl ftth? its raining heavily over here, but still everything seems fine so far.
Screenshot (291).png
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Well quite slow here, even youtube is unresponsive 144-360p 🙁

Surpised that even at Keralal you guys don't have single digit pings?
I never got single digit pings. just had them to 61. .. series ip of bsnl.
Your condition, might be due to storms😳 I am not sure though. Hope it gets corrected soon 👍
Strange but can you check PON stats as well as nearby users.
It appears to be some issue specific to you.