Low Downstream Rate

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Help me. I'm getting extremely low downstream rates. I'm using 256 kbps plan. I used to get 3000-4000 kbps downstream rate. At that time I could use full 256 kbps speed. It used to swing around 25-32 KBps. Now my downstream rate stays around 350 kbps and sometimes even goes to 60-90 kbps. And I get download speed of just 4-8 KBps. I can hardly connect to internet.
I also have frequent disconnection problems. So I've disabled every modulation except G.Dmt. Hence, downstream rate stays around 350-1300 kbps. Still not enough to utilise full 256 kbps connection, I'm getting just 20 KBps out of possible 32 KBps.
However, upstream rate never really changed. It stays constant around 500-600 kbps.
Modem is ZTE ZXDSL 531B wireless modem.
Post your modem stats.
x720 said:
Your line is messed up! No wonder the downstream late is so low. Can you hear noise in the telephone?
Hmm...I can hear light noise. Then why upstream rate is not affected, any reason? What should I do now?