Low ID on Edk Network on Emule on SIFY

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For anyone who uses the edk network p2p app, emule, edonkey, etc etc , he knows the benifit of an "high id" , i was shocked yesterday when i got a low id , i treid changing ports in the higher 2**** , however to no avail. I would like to know if everyone in india is havin the same issue ?
Just change the TCP and UDP port. It happens with me too.But after a period of time, emule stops getting a low id.
try number of times.imean close and open the client untill u won't get high id.and use test port option in emule client.to check ur ports.iam using emule+.its working nice with high-id.and my download speed is also good
firoz ive ran out of numbers now, tell me what ports u are using & i will put those, could it be that my cto has done some "jhol".
now iam using tcp--4662upd--4672ports in my emule+ client.iam uploading a screen shot of my download have a look.and iam sure low-id may because of firewall settings.so check ur firewall settings.and if ur using xp sp2.then disable the interfirewall completely.

thx firoz the ports u mentioned are the default ports & tehy are givin me a low id.im not running a firewall.xp firewall is disabled. and as i told u b4 , this low id this is from this 3rd feb itself wasnt there earlier in 2-3 months that ive been using sify.could it be that the router at my loval ctos end has fiddled around wid
confirmed wid a friend in mumbai who has sify from a diff cto/ba , he is not getting a low id on emule. so its my CTO who has the router at his own end has messed up the settings deliberately , how freakking low.may he die a sad sad death.called up sify helpdesk & told them aboiut this, they gave me a comp # & told me theyll ask their representatives in mumbai to get it "fixed".god knows whether thats true.
oh almost forgot to add, i had a colourfull 15 mins discusstion with the sify rep on phone , chnnai helpdesk. he was adamnt that i had to remove the temp files & cookies if i was to get an high id on emule .. i almost coubld breathe for the first few seconds when he said that 😱.and anyway since ive located the problem deliberate or not at my cto`s end , sify is gonna do balls about it. my local operator is gonna do balls about it.
Looks like the Temporary files and cookies removal step is taught to the Cust Care Reps as a standard way to deal with any problem. Even I was told to do so first when ultimately my problem turned out to be buggy DNS servers.
same thing with airtel dude... who kept on repeating i have to clear ur cookies inspite of the fact that i told him i do not use internet explorer. i use opera.luckily the area manager had head of opera and helped me out with the modem firmware issues.
as i told you guys before , i tried many ports & am getting low id on all.as far as my understanding goes, my isp sify or my local cto who has a router at his end has to port forward & he has blocked ports illegally.I called up sify again, adminst all the regular busllsh*t... & an infuriated me. the helpdesk ladt told me that now my complaint has been put on "higher priority" , i dunno whether this was just to make me happy or it really is , but i asked her .. why was it on low prority earlier & as already 4 days have been p@$$ed, no answer to that .
You might want to check which ports are blocked by using the "Shields Up!" service of http://www.grc.com. Just remember to turn off your firewall temporarily while you are doing so.
thanks for the link inetbum , i scanned for ports in higher end that i use in emule.. & also ramdom.. each & everythig gets me a Stealth status , means im behind a firewall. th problem is .. i dont run a firewall 😱no.. not even the windows ka internal one.
omg. must be your CTO's firewall.

Also try this out what firoz had posted earlier.
and use test port option in emule client.to check ur ports.[/b]
It tests your ports from the emule website itself. Its advantage over the Shields Up! service is that it checks for UDP connectivity too for sure (don't know if Shields Up! does that)