Memories of Mars

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505 Games and Limbic Entertainment are excited to announce that Memories of Mars launches on PlayStation 4 TODAY!

Set 100 years in the future, the dream of exploiting and colonizing Mars has proven impossible. Players will see themselves as recently awoken clones tasked with surviving the barren wastelands of Mars. They must explore the unforgiving Martian terrain and build a habitable homestead while fighting off against a variety of dangers including strange enemies, extreme conditions and other human clone survivors. Players will also unveil the events that led to the withdrawal from the Red Planet in the hope to answer one question: can they escape?

EXPLORE AND DISCOVER: Explore over 16 KM2 of Martian landscape complete with deserts, craters, canyons, rocky planes, and mesas. Visit over 120 points of interest including abandoned towns, mines, industrial facilities, biodomes...

SURVIVE, CRAFT AND BUILD: Look after your basic needs and cooperate or compete with other clones to gather resources, 3D print all your equipment and build your base, from a functional module to an impressive stronghold containing advanced workstations. There are upgradeable skills and hundreds of items to customize your experience.

EMERGENCY PROTOCOLS AND COMBAT: The game features a quest-like system known as “Emergency Protocols” that will have players perform different tasks through the environment as they learn about the downfall of Mars and encounter and hostile NPCs and competing players that are always looking to interrupt your adventures. These NPCs, from basic security robots or drones to titanic military units, are strange enemies left over from previous, failed, colonization efforts. Now they’ve gone rogue, and you’ll need to fend them off.

EVENTS AND ESCAPE CAPSULE: Memories of Mars offers organic opportunities for adventure, including a unique system of in-game events where players will converge and compete for resources. And finally the possibility to put together an escape capsule and send it back to Earth.