Messed up routing or something else?

Airtel Xstream Fiber
I'm on the 999 plan. Ever since I've gotten it (around 4-5 months back) I've had excellent routing with speedtest always showing around 1-3 ms ping to nearest Airtel server. However from last 2-3 days, I have noticed that speedtest does not show the name of my ISP on it but just the IP address. Moreover, the automatically selected server is always very far away from the local ones. I am in Bangalore and it chooses Latur or somewhere near Delhi. Is this Airtel's issue of routing or is it an error on speedtest's end?
yeah i think the error is on speedtest from vizag and if i do speed test its only showing my ip address and its selecting server from chennai btw im using act fibernet so its selecting chennai act server idk why but something is messed up on their end..
The server is selected based on latency, so most likely you are experiencing high latency to even local servers. I don't think its a issue.