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Hi all! Making the move from Hathway to MTNL, under limit plan. Reasons:1. Higher speed2. Mostly requirement of e-mail, browsing, updates, etc.Hathway rarely gave the promised speed (only recently somewhat better) and is now more expensive. Plus some friends praised MTNL.However reading this forum, maybe have I done the right thing? I have opted to purchase the D'link GLB502T (since cost is recovered in 1 year, no point in rental). Seeing the amount of problems people are facing here with MTNL, including wrong billing, I am somewhat apprehensive. Do I need some sort of download manager? Never used one with hathway as most downloads were 10-20MB (updates, etc.) Since the router has a firewall, do I disable my Sygate?What else do I need to watch out for?Any hints/tips will be appreciated.
Which plan are you going for?
yes i recommend to go for mtnl.billing issues were mainly because of NU plan. all u need to do is to switch on and off modem at7:55 AM and 8:05AM (to adjust for time difference betn ur pc and mtnl server)and also after 12:05AMavoid downloading much betn 7:55 and 8:05 as MTNL uses some unknown weird algorithm incalculating free to charged ratio like if u download 30 mb before 8 but switch off modem at 8:15then MTNL appears to divide the MB into 50:50.keep checking ur records if u care abt all this u wont find billing issues
Ok, that is a bit of a relief. I am going for basic plan at first, since as I said, my requirement is mostly e-mail/browsing. This should not consume much more than 300-400mb (my usual usage in Hathway). Since unlike Hathway, MTNL does not allow carry forward of unutilised amount, I feel it is better to go for basic and then pay for extra in case I use, rather than upfront higher commitment.I just like fast browsing and hathway was really falling behind - often getting gateway errors, having to click 2-3 times, timeouts, etc. and also not getting advt. speed of 512kbps. Most downloads were at 28-35 KBps, instead of 50-60 KBps, except recently but again very erratic.
I have friends who have moved to MTNL from other services and they seem to be very happy with it. One has a problem about getting disconnected when somebody uses the cordless phone - the other has been facing the recent upgrade related disconnects but they are both pretty satisfied with MTNL, esp. the speeds. Since you're on a limited plan I'd say you've made the right move.
dude i suggest you not to buy ur own modem bcoz if some problem occurs in future then mtnl will simply say problem in ur modem not our fault... so u better take mtnl modem which rent cost only Rs.50 a month....

rentals are definitely better as i have seen modems on Airtel going bad every 6 months or so.
Thanks guys, waiting for the activation...With the modem being quite cheap and rentals were 80rs/month, not 50, I opted to buy. Also MTNL ladies at inquiry 2 or 3 times said no problem if i buy. My PC fellow also said i will get connection faster and he is selling 2-3 modems a day with no problems. Somehow do not like concept of 'hafta' B) plus service tax, etc. In any case, I may need another connection at another location, so if I have problems, I will transfer my modem and go for rental in my main location.
whatever suits ya...just take care to preserve your modem/router by giving it enough time to cool down after long usage.
Thanks for the tip. I do not expect my modem to remain on 24x7 or anything. Max. length of time may be 10-12 hours, and it will be in AC cabin, so should be ok. Hathway cable modem also becomes pretty hot, but has never given me problem all these years. Just got call from MTNL asking for my modem details. They confirmed model was ok (they said they did not like internal adsl modem) and should be activated in a couple of days.I agree that once paying rent, modem can be abused and one need not worry - it is MTNL problem. But I generally take care of stuff, whether belonging to others or not.If there are unresolvable issues, I can always go back to Hathway (I own the cable modem) and use MTNL at my other location.
Well to me rental option was cheaper......just Rs 50 a month would translate the the same cost to around 3.5-4 years.....
Is it 50rs? The tariff page on mtnl site for mumbai said 80rs. So 1.5 years, max. I figured. Anyway, what is done is done. Just got it activated. Got the settings done on my own thanks to a friend. Seems reasonable. Still some lag, but otherwise pages do load quicker. Will have to check with some downloads.Any special settings for the 502T modem in the setup? I have it set to vci 32, pppoe and all the rest as standard. No disconnects while using the phone as such as yet.
Any help for tips? Do I need to change the default passwords on anything? After all the thing can only work from my line, right? There still seems to be some lag, though overall seems better than Hathway. On my modem home page it says DSL speed 260/2045 kbps, software version 3.7.0D.1, temporary access disabled. The modem status page gives the following:Modem Status Connection Status Connected Us Rate (Kbps) 260 Ds Rate (Kbps) 2045 US Margin 12 DS Margin 31 Trained Modulation ADSL_2plus LOS Errors 0 DS Line Attenuation 11 US Line Attenuation 37 Peak Cell Rate 613 cells per sec CRC Rx Fast 0 CRC Tx Fast 0 CRC Rx Interleaved 0 CRC Tx Interleaved 0 Path Mode Interleaved DSL Statistics Near End F4 Loop Back Count 0 Near End F5 Loop Back Count 0 Is this ok? TIAA lot of time seems wasted on 'lookup' of sites.