Mr. Robot

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Reviews are good. Checking it now.

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saw the first episode just now. looks decent. some parts are just boohoo. i hope it does not turn into another Halt and Catch Fire. the biggest problem with these tech shows is that the shit they show on screen that is supposed to be hacking or anything being done on terminal just look lame. especially when the actors keep on using the terms like ddos and rootkit and you can see on their face that they have no fucking idea what they are saying. i guess this is the same with doctors and lawyers watching medical or legal drama.

would love to hear opinion of people who do spend a lot of time on linux/terminal 😀 what they think of this show's visuals and vocabulary!

ooh. you are a gnome guy? i use kde. even though they say gnome is better. but then you know old habits die hard. seriously?
Yep. The logo is similar too.

Even Dell has a similar E [emoji14]

Pilot was out more than a month ago. Dunno why and how. Long wait for second episode. Kind of like supergirl.