MTNL Account Info


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TriB 749NU @ 2 mbps
hey guys, for the last 2 days, my account info is showing no all started since sunday morning when, i believe, their server was down...since it went back up, it's not showing any data transfers or any record of any sort...all the info is same as it was before that...has someone else noticed the same thing???confirm me this so that i can do some good downloading 😉
Hmm... One fine day you might see that they have restored the backups and u have crossed the limit by 5 times !So restrict urself and use the service wisely... :lol:
well, i did use it wisely and downloaded around 125 MB out of the time frame of 12-8 records am just thinking if i keep doing this wise thing... 😉 😀 🤔
By the way, its free from 12-8 I hope !So what is the need of service records ?
well, i was talking about the timeframe out of 12-8 am period...anyhow, it was showing all the records earlier...basically, from the time u logged in and till u logged off...and now there's no record at all 😱 means, as per them i've not logged in after 5/28/05 10:10:37 AM, which is not true...and my account summary remains the same since then...Amount Rs. 19.32 MB Used 2290 ADSL MB 13.2334 No of eligible E-mail Ids 1 Total E-mail Ids 0 Total Input Bytes 628933159 Total Output Bytes 1351332052 will, see tomorrow when the new month begins...or may be wait till the bill comes...and then will decide what to do about it...till then i'm playing safe... 😀 😉
That's what I say again :"Play Safe !", in the Bisleri way ! :lol:

so it's the new month, and here is my new quota...Amount Rs. 281.26 MB Used 2290 ADSL MB 499.9696 No of eligible E-mail Ids 1 Total E-mail Ids 0 Total Input Bytes 628940737 Total Output Bytes 1351363889and now it's showing my login, for those last few days, i could've done unlimited surfing/, should i feel bad that i played safe??? :wub: