MTNL Delhi New Plans - What about Mumbai?

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MTNL Triband 384kbps UL
MTNL Delhi has slashed Triband prices today.

Check out the new prices here:

2 GB downloads at upto 2 Mbps for only Rs.399
And 256kbps unlimited at Rs.599 !!!

What about Mumbai? Will Mumbai users face injustice again? 😡
nothing has happened from last 3 yrs in Mumbai. Their page still shows with effective from "Nov 2005" something. i doubt it will happen this 15th Aug either
all nu plans closed with immediate effect!!!be it plain NU or NU combo......:wall:and no registrations and migrations as well!!although nice to see 512 unlimited brought dwn to market terms.........
Yeah ,I saw this MTNL document and It really sucks that MTNL has stopped NU plans. So ,are they coming up with something else after sometime or bandwidth problem is forcing MTNL to do that .
In mumbai MtNl has monopoly, i still have NU plan 🙂